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This is the Centralised Organ Donation Register (CODR) set up by the Department of Health (DH) for prospective donors to voluntarily register their wish to donate organs after death.
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Every day, there are over 2000 patients in Hong Kong having an imminent need for organ or tissue transplant.

Without the matched organs, these patients can do nothing but to struggle with sickness in darkness, with their lives heavily dependent on medical equipments and medicines. Some of them may not hang on for long. To help the patients with imminent need for organ transplant, you can indicate your wish to donate your organs after death. The Department of Health (DH) has set up the Centralised Organ Donation Register (CODR) to make it more convenient for prospective donors to voluntarily register their wish to donate organs after death, and for such wish to be more reliably and securely recorded. This Register will enable medical personnel responsible for organ donation to know upon the patients' death about their wish to donate organs, and the bereaved family to acknowledge the deceased's wish to rekindle lives of other people. For more information, please visit the organ donation thematic website of the Department of Health at, or

You can pass on your love to other people after you have died by donating organs. Please click into 'Registration', take a few simple steps to register in the CODR now and, to make known your wish to your family members.

Phone Verification of Personal Particulars

Upon receiving your registration as an organ donor, DH will verify your personal particulars by phone with incoming call display from 2961 5000. Once verified, your wish to donate organs after death will be recorded in the CODR. In case contact cannot be established or your special request regarding phone verification cannot be met, DH will issue a notification letter to you by the email address or contact address you provided to follow up the registration. Please contact the CODR Administrator at 2961 8441 or by email at if you have any doubts.

Online Registration

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Data Access Request Form (for iAM Smart mobile app users)

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  1. If you cannot provide the requested information, your registration process may not be completed.

  2. Anyone successfully registered with the CODR office as a donor will not be issued any organ donation card, nor is he/she required to carry such a card around.

  3. Persons registering online with email provided will be issued an acknowledgement email upon confirmation of registration.

  4. Please re-submit the registration form online, by post or by fax only if you would like to change your name, HKID or organs to be donated after registered your wish to donate organs after death. If you would like to withdraw your registration, please complete the withdrawal form. We will update your record or cancel your registration after verifying your personal particulars by telephone.

  5. Those who have registered in the CODR have the right of access and correction with respect to personal data as provided for in section 18 and 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Please contact the CODR System Administrator at 29618441, by fax at 21274926 or by email at for details.

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