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Data Access Request Form

Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Important Notice to Requestor

  1. Please read this Form and the footnotes carefully before completing this Form. Where this Form contains a summary of the relevant requirements under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“the PDPO”), the summary is provided for reference purpose only. For a complete and definitive statement of the law, please refer to the PDPO itself.
  2. This Form is specified by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (“the Commissioner”) under section 67(1) of the PDPO with effect from 1 October 2012. The data user may refuse to comply with your data access request (“your request”) if it is not made in this Form (see section 20(3)(e) of the PDPO).
  3. Please complete this Form in Chinese or English. The data user may refuse to comply with your request if your request is not made in either language (see section 20(3)(a) of the PDPO).
  4. To make a data access request online, you must be the data subject.
  5. You are not entitled to access data which is not personal data or personal data not belonging to you (see section 18(1) of the PDPO). The data user is only required to provide you with a copy of your personal data rather than a copy of the document containing your personal data. In most situations, the data user may elect to provide a copy of the document concerned. If the personal data you request is recorded in an audio form, the data user may provide a transcript of that part of the audio record which contains your personal data.
  6. It is important that you specify in this Form clearly and in detail the personal data that you request. The data user may refuse to comply with your request if you have not supplied him with such information as he may reasonably require to locate the requested data (see section 20(3)(b) of the PDPO). If you supply any false or misleading information in this Form for the purpose of having the data user comply with your request, you may commit an offence (see section 18(5) of the PDPO).
  7. Do not send this Form to the Commissioner. The completed Form should be sent directly to the data user to whom you make your request.
  8. The data user may require you to provide identity proof such as your Hong Kong Identity Card and may charge a fee for complying with your request (see sections 20(1)(a) and 28(2) of the PDPO).
  9. The data user may refuse to comply with your request in the circumstances specified in section 20 of the PDPO.